Sunday, May 20, 2012

Upping the Ante

In a previous post, I believe one of my first, I mentioned a book of prayers that I had received from a nun in Santa Fe, a very special person. Also, that after that, my prayers were more structured and focused. Well, I keep upping the anti, so to speak. Praying deeper, praising harder and more often. And must say, that after this weekend, I know that my prayers are being answered.

Lately, along with thanking of God for all my blessings, from my amazing family, to the soft dry bed I sleep on, I have also been praying to be healed. Yep, healed. I have seen it (miraculous healing) before with others, in people that I know personally, who had been turned away from Doctors, told to get their affairs in order, decades ago, and that are still alive today. I want so much to live now, more than ever, but to live for God. I also didn’t really pray for healing before, but for strength to endure and help for my family and those close to me. But I believe now, and can feel not only spiritual changes within me, but physical as well.

After I lay in bed each night, after my prayers, I now also have a long, hard discussion with my mind and body. I say (internally) that we were created with abilities beyond human conception, and everything is possible through God. Our minds have the ability to tell ours bodies to do their job, so to speak, all the different elements of this amazing machine we call humans, working in harmony. We are so complex that not even the greatest minds understand even a fraction of the mind and body abilities. With knowing that, I tell my mind to tap into all that God has blessed us with, to rid my body of disease, as Jesus died not only for our sins, as if that were not enough, but also for our sicknesses, and throw them into the dark sea, to never afflict another with their evil.

Is it working? I BELIEVE it is. I do not have physical proof as yet, but that does not stop me and will press to not let it stop me even if my health turns worse, as every journey has ups and downs. This weekend, I pressed my physical abilities to do what I didn’t think possible anymore. I prayed for God to give me the strength and endurance to take on the blessing of being responsible for my two lovely grandchild for a 24 hour period, while my daughter and son-in-law, celebrated their 5 year anniversary away from home. This is not only something that I was apprehensive about in the beginning, but also a “first”. No one had babysat my grandchildren overnight yet. They are 4 and 2 years of age. I know, I love my grandchildren deeply, but have to say, without prejudice, that they behaved extremely well during the entire time.

Well, now that I am back home, I do have some aches in my bones and muscles and had to take a very long nap, BUT, I just noticed, the continual pain I have had in my gut for the last few weeks, most likely from my liver cancer metastases, has just subsided, it’s gone. I do not feel them, and remember now that I did not feel them last night when I went to bed either, when it is usually most obvious.

Now whether there is “physical” healing going on, only time will tell. But as long as I believe, and I am now saying I am going to live another 50 years, but a better 50 years, not greater in possessions but in life style, I do feel like I will. I can get up each morning feeling better and with more purpose. I intend on continuing to “up my ante” as only good things have resulted, and my heart and soul are so unbelievable full.

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