Friday, May 4, 2012

Messengers of God

Yesterday, I spent much of the day trying to practice what I preach… Patience, Faith, being Open and Positive, as I was dealing with trying to arrange times and dates for upcoming medical appointments and procedures. At one point in the day, my neighbor friend, the one who refers to herself as the old Indian woman and I refer to as one of my earth angels, stopped by to visit and bring a book to me to read, if I so desired.

We spoke for a while, about our lives, mostly her sharing many of her experiences with me. What an amazing woman, she is and serves as a testament to God. She lent me the book “Healed of Cancer” by Dodie Olsteen, a very small but powerful message. I gave her a couple of bookmarks I hade made of crocheted cotton thread, just as a gesture of thanks for her gifts and her presense in my life, and because I know she is an avid reader, even though she recently had cataract surgery in both her eyes. At one point in the conversation, she said, you know that us meeting was not an accident. I smiled and agreed wholeheartedly.

I had been praying so hard to God, especially the last few days, to show me what he wants of me, I now know at least one thing, to be a testament to his power and grace. I will be healed of my physical ailments, as God has made his will known to me, not as a voice in my head, but through a messenger of great faith and love. I have accepted God into my heart, into my soul, into my entire life, and desire only to live for him on earth.

Today I began reading the book that my friend had loaned me, and it affirmed all that I believed and strengthened my faith. After reading it, I had to do something productive, I have to believe I am healed. So…. I washed my kitchen floor. It does not sound like much, but in the year that I have lived here, I have only wiped up areas at a time as needed. This time I got down on the floor, not on my knees, as well, that is too painful, but on my rump and scrubbed the floor with a sponge of gentle cleaners. It looks and smells wonderful. Granted it is a small floor, and I would have done it in no time when I was physically healthy, but this time it was a pleasure, not a chore, because I AM still able to do it. Afterwards, soaking with sweat and a little achy, as my body is not accustomed to work these days, I took a nice cleansing bath. I feel so renewed. It is not what I do, it is how I do what I do.

I firmly believe that I am healed, it may take time for my body to catch up with my heart and soul, but it will happen, and I intend on being a testament to God as well. Not in a preachy way, the way that turned me the other direction, but in an example and as a testament, like my wonderful messenger from God, the elderly lovely Indian woman. I feel like more of a whole person than at any time in my life.

As with everything else, this is not the end, the final declaration, but the beginning of my new destiny that has no end. I know I will face challenges, pains, and other obstacles, but I can and will withstand them, in Jesus’ name.

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