Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Journey Rather than Destination

It has been a few days since my last post, as I have spent time with family, reading, crafting, thinking, and yes, resting.  A few days ago, I began reading a new portion of the Bible, the Book of Ezekiel. Oh my, what a different aspect of teaching from the Book of Matthew. At first, I admit, it tested my faith, actually scared me, as much of it is about the Wrath of God.

After that first day that I read from it, I felt I had to set it aside, listen to more uplifting messages, do more pleasurable activities, and spend time smiling with family and friends. Then yesterday, I was listening to a CD that my lovely neighbor, one of my earth angels, lent to me for encouragement. It referenced a portion of the book of Ezekiel that I had not reached yet in my reading. The message was much more positive, loving, forgiving, and uplifting, so today I finished reading this particular book.

What did I learn, even though I was confused, as much of it was repetitive and I could not quite grasp the timeline of events, as it seemed to wander, did made sense eventually of the my earlier reading. Although, I must admit it was immersed with mathematics of measure that boggled my mind, in all, I did learn from it positive and treasured lessons.

I have a long way to go. In fact, I may never “complete” my understanding of all of the Word of God. However each reading (journey into the Word) gives me new insight, whether it be in a parable or testament. So, even though my reading may be slow, as compared to someone who has studied the bible their whole life, I am able to absorb more and more with each step. As it is with life, if we apply what we learn along the way, as we learn it, we become more and more informed, and with it more and more whole in mind, body and spirit.

One thing that really stood out to me was that charitable actions should be done anonymously, not in sight of another to gain favorable impressions. But, rather, in secret so as only God knows your good deeds, as it is more important for Him to see your actions, than praise from other people.  Obviously, some good deeds I do for someone, may be noticed by the recipient, but should be without advertising to others, and with request to the recipient not to announce it either, as I am just doing what is right, nothing superior to others. I may need to drill that one in many times, as well, I have had a need for praise in the past, maybe not on the surface, but I realize it was within me. Please God help me be humble.

Another lesson, very difficult for many, was not to rejoice at the punishment of others, even if their actions are public and deplorable, it is not for me to gain pride in that I am better. I know that is a mind twister, but I think I grasp it now. As with other lessons, it is putting it into action that is hardest, but most rewarding internally, which is more precious than any material object or receipt of praise.

Please God help me be humble and not prideful. I am not writing this blog to make others feel inferior to me, but rather to expose my faults and lessons and to speak aloud (writing where all can see) to Praise God and hopefully serve only as encouragement to others. As there is a fine line between being humble and expressing ones misgivings in an effort to change others. I pray that this message is received as it was intended, and not in any means demeaning or pressure on others to conform, but only to enlighten them to my journey of learning, as my destination will never come, all of life is a journey.

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  1. This was truly an amazing women, and I miss her so very much !!!!!