Thursday, April 19, 2012

Glorious Day!

No, my health has not changed over-night, but I woke with my cup runnith over, so to speak. You see, my neighbor/friend that I mentioned earlier has the most loving adorable little longhaired Chihuahua, that I borrow occasionally… and today is one of those days. I have no doctor appointments and no visitors today and the weather is supposed to be dry, so I can take him on scooter walks, yep scooter walks, he took to them immediately with no fear of my electric scooter, even though he is usually a somewhat skittish dog.

A few years ago, I had to find a new home for my baby pug, Cuddles. The rescue foundation in Florida, where I was living at the time found her the perfect place. A home with two 10ish aged children and a mother that worked from her home, AND a boxer (my pug had already developed a special affection for this particular dog breed). I had adopted my Cuddles right after my cancer diagnosis, not really thinking of what lie ahead, but needing company, as I lived alone. She was a love, licked my bald head, had an adorable character and yes I spoiled her rotten. However as time passed, I did not have the finances or the strength to care for her the way she deserved. I kept her while the rescue foundation searched for the perfect home for her, and well, they found it, ten-fold. Now she can be a happy playful pup.

Fast forward to last year, when I moved into this apartment, with huge help from my dear “rock of my life” Mom, so I could be closer to my children as my cancer was progressing again and not responding well to treatment. Quickly, I made friends with a woman who lived a couple floors above me that owed “Lucky” the Chihuahua. We took to each other rather quickly, both the friend and the dog J. Eventually it occurred to one of us, that it was silly, for Lucky to be laying around upstairs all day, while “his mom” worked, and I lay around down here, living alone. So it began. I have periodic “Lucky” days, when I do not have appointments or visitors or am not too under the weather.

Today is one of those days. My friend has a key to my apartment (for many reasons)… but she just brings “Lucky” down, and into my apartment on her way to work. As I am not a morning person, this works perfectly, with him already have gone "out" once, i can go back to sleep for a bit longer. He proceeded to lick my face frantically while doing his excited dance. What a loved feeling! His temperament with me is perfect; Has no problem taking lazy nap days cuddling up next to me; Taking scooter-walks on nice days (getting out of the apartment and lifting my spirits even more); He is light enough for me to pick up if needed, although he is a good jumper; and Yes, he is welcome on my furniture. Just one of those things that was meant to be, and that I have been blessed with. Yep, God is smiling on me.  Unconditional love is a fantastic, glorious, and wondrous blessing. I am, of course, referring to that of God’s And the dog’s Love. J

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  1. I love the fact that Lucky can put a smile on your face. He loves you so much!